Do you have a construction project? We can help you



FOR: a new home construction, an extension or interior or exterior renovation of your home, our unique approach allows you to have peace of mind!

When we engage in your project, we use top quality materials and we assure you a serious and reliable know-how. The employees are efficient and clean. Well present and attentive, we accompany you throughout the completion of your project and answer your questions throughout the process.

Construction or renovation work is an integral part of our areas of expertise: new home, addition of floor or new rooms, renovation of cabinets, countertop, flooring, exterior cladding, stairway installation, gallery construction, patio and terrace, removal of load-bearing walls … Trust us!

Respectful of your budget and your style, we have the expertise and the tools that guarantee you the greatest satisfaction.

We hold a license from the Régie du bâtiment


For: construction of stores, restaurants, shops, we have all the licenses and certifications required for the realization of commercial construction projects.

The commercial sector includes the construction of buildings and associated facilities; for this type of project, our team of experts carries out the work according to the objectives of the agents.

We have developed an expertise that values UNIQUE commercial properties. Our interventions take into account optimization objectives. Our works make modern businesses and contribute to leasehold improvements.

Building a new business, expanding a restaurant or renovating a shop are projects that are important to owners; we are aware of it! We accompany you from beginning to end and we will respect your requirements.

All our employees are governed by the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ).


For: factory expansions or redevelopments, new warehouse construction or any other industrial building, we have the expertise to complete this type of mandate.

As a general contractor, we adapt to your needs, while having a rigorous follow-up on your budgetary objectives and your deadlines. We also meet any energy-efficient objective.

Our “turnkey” service offer will reduce your expenses, because we are professional and willing to carry out this type of project with confidence and transparency.

From the analysis of your needs to the delivery, through the estimate of work and costs, we ensure rigor in terms of compliance with plans and specifications.

Municipal / Institutional

For: any school, library, arena, hospital or any institutional building construction or renovation project, we offer exceptional collaboration in the work that is done in collaboration with other stakeholders.

We carry out the construction and reconstruction or repair of any building in accordance with the municipal by-laws in force at the time of fulfillment of the mandate.

We confirm to our municipal and institutional clients that we have a great knowledge of standards and procedures for this type of project.

Our working methods and expertise enable us to ensure that your requirements are met.

Agribusiness / Milling

For: the construction of new facilities in the agri-food sector, particularly mills and other buildings located in industrial parks or farms in the Montérégie.

Saint-Hyacinthe is a recognized agri-food capital where there is a dynamic concentration of several important players in the animal feed industry. Our proximity to several suppliers and our knowledge of the many constraints related to agri-food construction make us an important player.

Rest assured that our work is respectful of both the requirements of this industry and yours! We have a high professional conscience when it comes to performing work in a sterile environment.

Because we know all the ramifications of the agri-food sector, you would appreciate our offer of service, our suggestions and our work in this promising field in which, we believe!

Our trusted partners

Here are some people from the industry with whom we are proud to partner! We share our efforts to achieve a common goal: best meet YOUR needs!