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The company

Constructions Lessard et associés responds to construction needs and to residential, institutional, commercial and industrial renovation on the South Shore of Montreal. The company is also developing its expertise in the agri-food sector.

In 2010, the firm, based in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, won a first public tender. An issue that will allow the entrepreneur Emmanuel Lessard to launch his future in the world of construction. This important contract, obtained on behalf of Defense Construction Canada (CDC), positions it in an enviable way for a few years during which the team carries out small and large renovations.

The business is growing and continues to gain the trust of many new customers. In October 2015, a new office opens its doors; the company is prosperous. Mandates are obtained in several schools and municipal housing offices.

Fields of expertise are refined both in the execution of works (renovation and construction) in the private sector as well as in the municipal, commercial and industrial sectors. A specialty in the milling industry is developing and offers great prospects in the agri-food sector of Quebec.

Turning promising in August 2016; Constructions Lessard et associés is legally acquiring Consumaj Construction and increasing its assets.

Constant growth is installed and Mr. Lessard is counting on his team of about fifteen people distinguished by the complementary strengths of each! The basic standards are high and all of them place great importance on customer satisfaction. The well executed work, both in the cleanliness and reliability of the mandate, and the after-sales service are essential, and this is probably why many architects and other professionals make such good recommendations!

Do not hesitate to visit our achievements or to ask for references … You will not be able to be more convinced of the level of remarkable satisfaction!

Health, Safety and Environment Policy

– Establish synergy with its network of valuable collaborators and suppliers and develop long-term partnership relationships with all its customers;

– Hold a general contractor’s license from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (R.B.Q.) and respect it in all respects;

– Being a certified member of the Richelieu-Yamaska Construction Association (A.C.R.Y.);

– Surround yourself with a team of skilled workers in a safe environment governed by the strict standards of the Workplace Health and Safety Commission (CSB). Prevention of workplace safety is a priority;

– Conduct a regular review of high quality objectives for energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.


All words that inspire the highly qualified team, every day, on the building sites.

Our trusted partners

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